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Aug 21, - Thumbs up, fingers crossed, bunny ears, clenched fist Why do we make these hand gestures? How did they come to mean what they do?

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Wanker gesture is made by curling the fingers into a loose fist and moving the hand up and down as though masturbating. The gesture has the same meaning. Mar 24, - But did you know that not all hand gestures mean the same thing in every A clenched fist with your thumb between your first and second.

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Sep 6, - Hand gestures and body gestures can have meanings in other countries and cultures that are not what you think they are -- for instance, an "OK" sign in the United States is a circle made with the thumb and forefinger; in parts of Europe, it could mean that the person to whom you're making the gesture is a big fat zero. It means holding a fist in the other hand. The gesture of hold fist etiquette is that the right hand is made a fist, the left hand is to hold or cover the right fist. Make sure the the left thumb is close to the index finger and does not point to yourself, as it indicates arrogance. Hold fist salute shows the humility.

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Mar 9, - In fact, the meanings of some hand gestures seem fairly Some say that the gesture first appeared in pre-Christian Europe. Europe was a. Cold, clammy hands mean he is tense – not necessarily because of you, but possibly Clenched fists usually connote firmness of resolve – think of someone.

For meaning of hand gestures and fist

Aug 28, - Making the wrong hand gesture to someone while you're traveling can lead to major consequences. They're often our first go-to when we have something to communicate . In Finland, crossed arms mean major disrespect. This is a comprehensive list of all the hand signs, hand poses, and hand gestures you need to express Demonstrate solidarity with the closed fist hand sign.

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First you take your right hand and make a tight fist. Then you jerk your In Brazil, the gesture is known as the banana, although its meaning is the same. Men in. Check out our list of the 20 hand gestures you should be using in your next speech I share the 3 first steps you should take to master your hand movements today. . Here is a fun video on the meaning of hand gestures around the world.