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Mar 13, - "It smells like sex in here," said every woman ever after a particularly dirty romp in bed. But when you You can still expect some smell. Having.

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Aug 7, - Well I'm bisexual so your in luck, you get two answers. Normal sex with a man and a woman, smells gross. You got sweat, you got fluids, you How can a person 'smell like sex' if they haven't had any? Oct 4, - Despite what the ads may say, it's normal for your vagina to smell a certain way A healthy vagina smells like a lot of different things — flowers isn't one of them This is usually due to vaginal dryness or vigorous sex that can.

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Some odor after sex makes sense: You're doing an aerobic activity that . Woman Hates Sex Because It. Nov 2, - The smell you notice after you have sex has more to do with Not only is the room steamy, but it also smells like a mixture of sweat, and well.

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May 21, - Some women notice a strong fishy odor immediately after sexual intercourse, which is a telltale sign of bacterial vaginosis. Others notice a less distinct smell. Sometimes interactions between semen and vaginal fluids can cause vaginal odor. Some lubricants can also change vaginal pH and the odor that comes with it. Leave the room and come back after 5 minutes. It definitely smells. It's the pungent smell of semen, arousal and sweat.

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Impliedly, there is a smell that comes with sex, which many seem not to be He noted that when these two fluids mix, a distinctive smell would. I believe that at least some references to the "smell of sex in the air" are actually Where does this smell come from? 2. What does it smell like? https://brandocorradinigrafik.info/gangbang/

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Some people talk about the smell that lingers in a room after sex, others ignore it. Another thing that can make a difference to that distinctive smell is the use of. Aug 10, - "What does sex smell like?" I asked her. More muttered mild obscenities were all I got in the way of an answer, and you know, what fair enough!

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Oct 3, - So, is a sense of smell superfluous to a satisfying sex life, or do people the volunteer has to identify which food each pen smells like: carrot. Sweat, female 'lubricant', male ejaculate (does that even smell?) and latex. I dunno how, but if I walk into a room and someone has had sex in.

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Mar 21, - But what a healthy vagina should smell like is harder to quantify says, While we're talking about sex, you may also be aware of that very. Sex smells distinctive. There's the obvious smell of sweat lots and lots of sweat (but the sweat is fresh so it doesn't smell bad). Then there's a certain.

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May 1, - Vaginal odour after sex. What is causing my boyfriend's cum to smell so bad inside of me? Sometimes I feel like it rots in there and then leaks. Mar 24, - Okay, so since our vaginas are supposed to have their own brand of eau de toilette, what should they not smell like? “It should never have an.

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May 29, - “A fishy-like smell is often because of a bacterial infection called bacterial Spinach is said to get you in the mood and makes sex more. Jun 26, - It's not like you should expect your vagina to smell like a fishy odor (especially after sex), along with itchiness, pain, burning, and a thin gray.